We're a mission-driven organization building a better way for you to pay for education after high school -- regardless of your background. 


Better Future Forward is a mission-driven organization. We aim to demonstrate the value of a progressive, income-based financing approach to education – with the hope that others will follow our lead and make this option available to all students who could potentially benefit from it. Our ultimate goal is to free students from the burdens of debt and help every individual who is willing to work hard achieve their potential.


Kevin James, Founder & CEO

Barry Cynamon, Executive Vice President & CFO



Benjamin Riley, Founder and Executive Director, Deans for Impact Board Chairman

Amy Martin, Project Manager, Savan group

Erin Crowley, Director of Student Services, Hayfield Secondary School

Kevin James, Founder and CEO



Martha Kanter, Ed.D.
Executive Director, College Promise Campaign
Senior Fellow, Steinhardt Institute for Higher Education Policy at New York University

Dr. Bruce Chapman
Professor of Economics
Australian National University

Dr. Nicholas Barr
Professor of Public Economics
London School of Economics

Dr. Miguel Palacios
Assistant Professor
Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary


Better Future Forward was incubated by the Jain Family Institute, a research incubator devoted to accelerating the progress of transformative ideas in politics, finance, and higher education.