Funding to pursue your Goals

BFF’s income share agreements, or ISAs, are financial contracts that help students cover the net price of college.

ISAs are similar to loans because they, like loans, are contractual obligations. With BFF’s contracts, however, the payments and protections work differently: Instead of paying back a principal loan amount (plus interest) after you leave school, you pay back a set percentage of your monthly income for a set number of months.

Why Choose an ISA?


Accessible FundING

ISAs support circumstances that loans often can’t. An ISA might be right for you if…

  • You have significant gaps that your financial aid package can’t cover.

  • You’ve considered a PLUS loan, but your parents don’t have great credit.

  • Loans aren’t an option for your school, program, or personal beliefs.


Unique Protections

BFF’s ISA programs offer several protections. Your obligation to make payments kicks in only when your income is above a certain amount.


Monthly Payments Mapped to your Income Level

Your ISA payments are based on the amount you earn after you finish school. When your income is low, your payments stay low; when your income increases, your payment amounts increase. In this sense, payments are intended to stay manageable in relation to your post-school income.


Pricing based on your future path—NoT CRedit Scores

ISA contract terms are based on your potential post-school income—not on your credit score or your parents’ scores. And unlike most loans, no cosigner is required for an ISA.


Making the Right Decision

We encourage you to read more about ISAs to decide whether they’re right for you. Here are a few articles to explore:

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I looked into funding options and they all required that I have a parent sign off, and my parents don’t have the best credit. If I hadn’t had this option, I wouldn’t have been able to finish school at all.... It really is one of the best options.

—3rd-year college student using ISAs as an alternative to PLUS loans