Our Mission

We believe every student has the right to an education, and financing through debt violates that right. At Better Future Forward, our ultimate goal is to free students from the burdens of debt and help every individual who is willing to work hard achieve their potential. ISAs are the path we see to this goal.

Why ISAs?

An ISA offers financing for education without the risks of taking on large amounts of student loans. The agreement between the students and the fund doesn’t require the repayment of a principal amount with growing interest. Instead, the fund invest in the students, and in turn students pay back a small percentage of their future income over a fixed amount of time, essentially only paying back what the is degree is ultimately worth.

This agreement changes the dynamics that have led to the current student loan crisis in our country.

In a rapidly changing economy, students are protected from being jobless and saddled with debt. Life is unpredictable. Rather than digging the hole deeper for graduates who hit rough times, ISAs offer real support in these moments. Because payments are based directly on the graduate’s income, a low-paying job or no job will result in no payment and no growing interest as they find their footing.

Not all degrees are created equal. Because education is an investment, we believe students should pay back what their degree is ultimately worth, rather than a set price. This can keep educations costs in line with the value of the education.

A system that pays it forward, not back. Because ISAs are set up as a fund rather than individual loans, when students who succeed and pay back their ISA, make it possible for more students to follow in their path. ISAs offer the potential to create a more sustainable business model for covering education costs.