Our ISA program is currently available to select students through our partner organizations. 

If you are a student working with one of our partners, click below to learn more about our funding. 

College Possible

Through College Possible’s innovative coaching supports, its students are four times more likely to earn a college degree than their low-income peers. Even with these supports, however, many College Possible students exhaust existing aid sources like federal grants and loans, forcing them to work substantial hours while in school, take on risky debt like private student loans, or drop out.

The goal of the partnership is to maximize student success by combining College Possible’s coaching supports with sustainable financial support through BFF’s ISA program.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line is a non-profit that serves over 7,000 low-income and/or first- generation students by providing one-on-one guidance through the college application process and on-campus support through their college career. To date, they have graduated over 2,200 students.

Better Future Forward has partnered with Bottom Line to provide safe, accessible funding through ISAs to low-income Chicago students to improve their college access and graduation rates and to help them achieve their educational and career goals.

One Million degrees

One Million Degrees, an organization which offers personal, academic, professional, and financial supports to low-income individuals, has partnered with Better Future Forward to expand access to college education through ISAs.

Their goal is to expand educational equity and accelerate economic mobility for low-income Chicago students by marrying One Million Degree’s expertise in mitigating the non-financial challenges low-income students face on their path to a degree and Better Future Forward’s future-oriented, innovative financial tool (ISAs).


Better Future Forward partnered with OneGoal to combat inequities in education and financial aid through Better Future Forward’s ISAs and OneGoal’s commitment to the training and support of students who the drive to attend college, but who without intervention, would have extremely limited college prospects.

OneGoal’s mentorship was found to increase college enrollment and persistence rates by 10 to 20 percentage points. In 2017, 82% of OneGoal’s high school graduates enrolled in college.


Better Future Forward and Opportunity@Work, a social enterprise focused on expanding skilled Americans access to jobs, collaborated with General Electric and The Turing School of Software and Design to launch the Learn and Earn Program.

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